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About Virtual Cities About Virtual Cities
Virtual Cities is here to provide the consumer with the best, easiest solution to find LOCAL products and services. As of 2008, only 6% of US Small Businesses had a website. This means that it is difficult for the average consumer to find local businesses to meet their needs. We're here to fix that. Local businesses generally provide better customer service; and getting goods and services from local merchants reduces greenhouse emissions due to shipping. Furthermore, using local merchants keeps our money in our LOCAL economies, where we all benefit.

For consumers, Virtual Cities is an easy way to find local business to meet your needs. There are many benefits to working with a local merchant, which include:
1. Convenience of dealing with a local business;
2. You can go look at the products or services that you are interested in;
3. Better customer service;
4. Easier to deal with if something is wrong;
5. Expertise at your fingertips;
6. Building stronger communities;
7. More sales tax to support LOCAL programs and services.

I was really amazed to find how just how many different kinds of business were in my town! There were local businesses "hidden away" in places I would have never thought to look. And many of them could not be found through the 'Web. I found that lots of things I was dealing with far-off companies for I could get cheaper locally, if I only knew the business was there!

For merchants, Virtual Cities is an opportunity to get online and get noticed. For Christmas of 2008, our very casual survey or our customers showed that 60% of their Christmas gift budget was spent online. According to the US Census Bureau (See report here.), online sales have been growing an average of 23.1% annually from 2002-2007. Currently, electronics and music/video products dominate online retail sales. And while there is still room for growth in those 2 categories, the field is wide open for everything else.

The Census Bureau report also shows that "Nonstore Retailers" dominate online retail sales. Why should you care? It's very simple - if you have a brick-and-mortar retail business, you have a HUGE advantage over the Nonstore Retailers, who just "hawk their wares" part time. You are available to answer questions and provide "pre-sales support" faster and more often. But, you need a website that can provide you with the tools to effectively find and communicate with your prospective customers.

That's where we come in.

We have the product, services and know-how to get your business noticed on the 'Web. Virtual Cities is your portal to online success.
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